Production organization 

Professionalism and experience are the prerequisite for a great product yield. Accuracy and reliability during the production cycle represent the key to the success of Tomasino Metalzinco s.r.l. The assignment of a commission and the planning of the activities to be carried out in the workshop allow for a full control of the production.

Sectoral organization 

Production is subdivided into areas with specific and precise tasks in order to have functional and hierarchical cooperation. The flexibility of production allows to meet wide-ranging the customer’s request without leaving anything to the chance. Tomasino Metalzínco s.r.l. offers Made in Italy keys in hand products.

Quality control 

On all structural components, visual inspections of the welds are carried out by qualified personnel in addition to the tightening of the bolts. The parts that undergo the painting process are carefully controlled using the thickness gauge. Yield and quality of the product are the common goals of all products signed Tomasino Metalzinco s.r.l.

Logistics organization 

The physical connection between the finished product and the delivering to the customer lies in the perfect organization of company logistics related to warehouse logistics. The correct optimization of spaces and delivery times characterizes Tomasino Metalzinco s.r.l.