Feasibility study

Since the preliminary idea and a careful analysis by professional and technical consultants, Tomasino Metalzinco s.r.l., provides free of charge a feasibility and cost-effective study, complying with current regulations, paying particular attention to energy isolation, depending on the climatic zone of belonging, acoustic insulation, fire resistance and reaction to fire, respecting as much as possible the customer's request.

Architectural design

Tomasino Metalzinco s.r.l. has a highly qualified staff constantly updated on new industry technologies, as well as on current technical regulations and current community directives. The projects are returned according to prefabrication standards and equipped with all the comforts for full and constant use.

Constructive of workshop design

The use of particular CAD software for 2D and 3D applications with design and complete development of individual pieces of production related to individual prefabricated boxes, or metallic carpentry, allow to control the whole production in a detailed manner while keeping high company standards.

Workshop assistance 

Qualified technicians with ten years of experience assist the workshop in a timely and accurate manner at all stages of production, contributing to the production of a high quality finished product.