Sale and Rental


Products are made on a project according to customer needs, trying to meet all the requirements in full compliance with current regulations. Finished products are characterized by the perfect blend of efficiency and quality not only tied to the professionalism of the entire staff but also to the quality of the materials used. Feature of prefab modules is certainly the flexibility of shapes, materials and components, as a matter of fact in addition to the wide range of standard modules, customized spaces and ad hoc solutions can be created on their final use functions.

Tomasino Metalzinco s.r.l. offers a product that reflects functionality, aesthetics and ease of context adaptability in a single solution. In addition, the company is in possession of Ministerial Deposit Certificate for prefabricated production.


Products available among the wide range of used goods, reducing production and delivery times. Spaces that can be easily adapted to any need by combining aesthetics and quality with production costs. Regenerated products offer the same guarantee of the new ones, guaranteeing functionality, durability and adaptability.